Tag: Duke Adrian


  • Tonsbridge Keep

    Tonsbridge Keep is a fortified structure which lies in the purlieu of the Vesve Forest. It is surrounded by eight hamlets, all of which comprise [[Duke Adrian]]'s fiefdom.

  • the Duke's man

    The Duke's man, called "the shadow" by [[The Hermit]], was sent by [[Duke Adrian]] to tail the adventurers and to make sure that they perished in the forest--the Duke's plan was to blame the adventurers for the kidnapping and murder of his son and thereby …

  • Mukhail

    Mukhail is a necromancer and servant of [[Iuz The Old]]. He was sent to the Vesve Forest to conduct magical experiments on disease spreading, Abyssal Larva. Mukhail found the adventurers within the ruined outpost upon his return from an exploration of …

  • The Hermit

    _My name? No one's had need to refer to me. I've done so long without one. You may call me what you will._ The Hermit lives alone in the Vesve Forest. He is an ancient creature with a beard full of dried leaves. His visions guided the adventurers …