Knight of the High Forest


Mosca has an almost feral look about him: his brow is often furrowed with lines of stress and urgency, his long black hair is wildly disheveled, and his tan skin appears dry and wind blasted. Mosca is rarely seen without his graceful riding horse.


Mosca is a Knight of the High Forest, a group of elven rangers charged with keeping Highvale and its borderlands safe. More and more they are drawn from their usual patrols to help with strategic assaults on the forces of Iuz and with the fortification of those settlements which are directly threatened. Mosca does not wish to see the hold fall back into the hands of the enemy, and so he visits as often as he can and has left behind a garrison of his elven archers. These elves will not stay forever; they are busy everyday training refugees in the use of the longbow. Metal, however, is a scarce resource, and many of the archers fight with stone tipped arrows, or no tips at all, which is, needless to say, no help against armored targets. On any given day, a small number of Mosca’s men, in addition to his archers, can be found resting and resupplying within the hold.


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