The Ruins of Castle Moorfathom

Bill and Ted the Portcullis

by Kevin Kohler

The keepers of the fort are putting their wealth to good use, improving the keep and its surrounding lands, which they have dubbed ‘New Tonsbridge’.

Keep improvements:

Temple of Trithereon

Militia Barracks

Expanded Smithy (3 master armorers; 6 armorers; 2 master bladesmiths; 4 weaponsmiths; blacksmith; 2 apprentices)

Portcullis Timeline

Month Bill and Ted: Two Ippwood Portcullises (Front and Back Gatehouses)

Month 1: One Bronzewood/Two Ippwood

Month 2: Two Bronzewood/Two Ippwood

Month 3: Three Bronzewood/Two Ippwood

Month 4: Four Bronzewood/Two Ippwood

Siege Weapons

Front Gatehouse: Two Light Ballistae, Four Hot Oil Cauldrons

Inner Bailey: Trebuchet

Crew: 1 Master Engineer, 1 Master Artillerist, 7 Light Infantry

Weapons and Armor Timeline

Month 1: 1,650 Fine Quality Arrows

Month 2: 1,650 Fine Quality Arrows, 9 Suits of Chainmail

Month 3: ” “

Month 4: ” “

Month 5: 9 Suits of Chainmail

Month 6: 14 Suits of Chainmail

Skilled Workers and Trainers

10 Perrenlander Farmers

10 Verbeeg Hill Spear Fishermen

4 Trained Soldiers (Armor)

Fort Renfield

One day’s march from New Tonsbridge Keep; daily patrols 20 strong along Horgar Road

Captain: Breca (Crossbow of Speed)

Fortifications: Stone Gatehouse, 5’ Stone Walls, Iron Portcullis, Parapets, 4 Towers

Inner Bailey: Barracks, Warehouse, Well, Hearth and Spit, Stable

Siege Weapons: 2 Light Ballistae, 2 Hot Oil Cauldrons

Garrison: 6 Heavy Infantry, 4 Perrenlander Pikemen, 10 Longbowmen, 10 Elven Archers

Local Resources: Postwood, wild gutes, various resins, incenses, preservatives, medicinal berries and herbs.


Good job on figuring out all of the details about the castle upkeep Kev. What are we going to do about the caves/etc. under the castle? I wonder if I can also start teaching some people healing techniques so that we may have more healers.

Bill and Ted the Portcullis
voltlov voltlov

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