The Ruins of Castle Moorfathom

Act Three begins a year after the death of the necromancer Mukhail. The adventures learn that Duke Adrian’s corrupt rule has finally incited a revolt within the lands surrounding Tonsbridge Keep. The Duke, in response, sent servants of Iuz The Old to raze the northern hamlets. This struck fear into the Duke’s vassals, who decided to postpone the revolution and accept the Duke’s rule until the more immediate threat could be dealt with.

The adventurers followed The Hermit’s instructions and secretly entered the Duke’s hold at the base of The Clatspurs. Therein, with the help of a charmed hill giant named Him, they destroyed the most powerful of the Duke’s guards (a giant skeleton, a flesh golem, and a dark naga, which was feeding on the Duke’s many slaves). A gargantuan blue serpent was also found in the Duke’s hold. It was, thankfully, contained within a cell made for just such a giant-sized prisoner. The adventurers also freed the men, women, and children imprisoned by the Duke, many of whom even made it back to the hamlets alive to spread the word of their brave liberators.

By the end of Act Three, the adventures had slain the Duke and found the body of his son shriveled and lifeless within a toy chest.


Does anyone remember: did you ever make it past the wizard-locked door in the naga’s quarters?

“The pool of water is roughly six feet deep. The shadows near the bottom of the pool indicate that there is a gap, formed by the bottom of the pool and the west wall.

→PCs go through the gap, then:

The gap at the bottom of the pool leads to another pool of roughly the same size. This second pool is also in a circular room, but this one is hardly bigger than an antechamber. It is empty save for one plain-looking door.”

Act Three
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